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AGAs require repairs far less than most household appliances. Many people have AGAs in their homes that are decades old which is proof that they are very reliable, but can also mean that they now need repairs or replacements.

Even modern AGAs can need repairs or replacements for components which are subject to wear and tear.

Perhaps your pilot light has gone out and won’t relight, or your food is taking longer to cook, or the fan is making an unusual noise. Call JVH AGA Cooker Services and we’ll get to the root of your problem and have your AGA working again better than ever.

You can self-diagnose some common AGA repair problems from our information here.


Gas AGAs have a very simple but necessary part – the thermocouple. This is a probe which when warmed by the pilot light allows gas to flow. When the pilot light goes out, the cold probe shuts the gas valve for safety.

As it sits right in the AGA’s pilot light flame all the time the thermocouple does eventually burn out and need replacing. It’s worth noting that, in general, Three-oven AGAs and LPG (tank gas) AGAs tend to need thermocouple replacements more often due to different ambient conditions or the corrosiveness of the gas.

If you get your AGA serviced annually with JVH AGA Cooker Services, we will replace this for you at servicing time if it looks like it will be necessary within the year. This will save you the inconvenience and cost of a separate call-out.


If you’re judging your AGA’s temperature from thermometer on the outside, be aware that these gauges are only a guide to the temperature inside. Also, mercury has been banned since April 2009 so gauges now use a bright blue alcohol mix which isn’t as accurate as mercury, making it an even more approximate guide.

You may also have an issue where your AGA is hot on the outside but seems cold inside, in which case the visual guides may look about right, but you still have a problem. This is likely to be an issue with the internal insulation having settled which can can happen in older AGAs or ones that have been moved.

The best way to check if your oven really isn’t performing correctly is to place an oven thermometer half way back on the middle shelf of your roasting oven. It should read 235dC. If it’s cooler than this, make sure the flue and burner areas are clean and free of dust. Read our tips on AGA cleaning for more information. If that isn’t the issue, or you have an electric AGA whose heating element has stopped working, give us a call and we’ll quickly diagnose your issue and repair your AGA and have you cooking delicious food again in the way only a range cooker can.


The service I received from JVH was excellent. They provide quality work with an attention to detail and I can’t praise their work enough. Even when the scope of works was larger than initially anticipated they completed the job to a great standard.
Mr Harrington, Chorley
I have been thoroughly pleased with the absolutely fantastic service I have received from JVH. Prompt, reliable and at very competitive prices too. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.
Mrs Peterson, Darwen

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